The best environment to breed Dalmatian

The stars of Disney’s animations, 101 Dalmatian, is a unique and sprightly breed that has managed to conquer the world and become the most famous one. In the past, they have been used for many purposes, from a coach and hunting dogs to circus performers and firehouse dogs. At moments they may seem silly and childish, but don’t get them fool you, they are highly intelligent and responsive. They love to be the part of the family, that’s why they need a pack leader, who will guide and train them. If you ever wondered if you have the right conditions to breed Dalmatian, check out our recommendations bellow.

Freedom is their thing

Considering that Dalmatians never grow up fully and stay in their puppy form, you will need a lot of space for them. They want to feel free and wild, so apart from the regular walk, they will need their space. The most suitable environment for them is a farm or a house with a backyard. In this case, they will have a lot of free space, they can run around, and you won’t be obligated to take them out every five minutes.
Considering they have a limitless capacity for exercise, they are perfect for people who love to run or ride a bicycle. If you are thinking to get a Dalmatian, keep in mind that they are not only highly active but also highly intelligent. From early years, you will need to train them and set them up with challenging tasks. Training is one of the best ways to take their wild nature. They are a bit stubborn, but with a lot of patients, you will manage this.

Apartment – not so much

If yet you will be in an apartment, and you want to get this breed, maybe you should rethink your decision. Considering their wild nature, you won’t be able to tame them that easily and eventually, they will take out their stress on your furniture. On the other hand, if you are stubborn as this dog, then be prepared for a lot of long walks and regular running. It’s simple; this breed needs space and exercise.
They are highly energetic, and you need to find the best way for them to release that energy. An apartment might be a solution, but you need to dedicate them a lot of time and care. They need to feel loved but in the same time to have a good exercise. Take them out as often as you can, play with them, run, walk, just keep them on the break of exhaustion if that’s even possible. If you have a friend of relative, who are living in a countryside or who have a house with a backyard, you can always take it there for a good run and play.