Do Dalmatians make good pets?

Almost everyone in the world knows to describe a Dalmatian. Being the only breed that has dots, which makes the pretty unique. It is one of the reasons why they attract so much attention. Who wouldn’t want such an adorable pet? A lot of people would decide for this breed and not just because of their appearance. But, to be honest, not everyone can keep a Dalmatian. And, don’t get us wrong, considering Dalmatians have been our whole life. They will be great and loyal pets, but only for people who are ready to accept them. If you are ready to accept their nature, then you will truly enjoy this breed.

Who should take a Dalmatian?

These dogs are intended for highly active people, who love to spend their time outside and doing exercises. Dalmatians don’t like to sit at home and doing nothing. They want to use every chance to run, explore and walk. They need a physical stimulation, and if you are not an active person, you better stay clear of them. If you just release them on their own, that won’t be enough either. Besides physical stimulation, they need mental as well. You as the owner need to guide them and show them who the leader is. Dalmatians thrive on physical activity, and if you are looking for a dog with whom you will just watch movies, then this breed isn’t for you.

Be aware of their stubbornness

Dalmatians have a strange combination of intelligence and stubbornness, which makes them special. Any attempt to train them will require a lot of energy and time. They are really intelligent, and they pick up things fast, but because of stubborn nature, that can be delayed process. To train them, they need to trust you. Otherwise, they can be stubborn as a mule. Training is one process you shouldn’t neglect with this breed. Another thing you should know about Dalmatians; they are really good at keeping themselves clean. At least in this aspect, they don’t require a lot of attention. A bath from time to time won’t hurt them.

Make sure to regulate their diet

Having in mind that Dalmatians are a very large breed, you will always need some extra food. But, here is where things get tricky. This breed is the only one who doesn’t have certain types of enzymes that can dissolve proteins, so you should avoid to give them food which is full of proteins.

Overall impression

Dalmatians make great pets, but for certain type of people. If you are too lazy to get out of bed, then you should stay clear of these dogs. Considering they are friendly and easy going, they are going to make a great addition to your family. Especially your kids will enjoy playing with Dalmatian.