About Us

As proud owners of a small pet shop and Dalmatian dog lovers, we have founded this website to help all the people out there struggling with this magnificent breed. If you own a Dalmatian, then you know how they can be demanding in some aspects. On our webpage, you will find daily updates about health care, training, nutrition, training, and grooming. Recently we have added a new feature to our website, live chat, you can contact us every day, Monday – Friday, regarding any issues you might have with your pet.
Each week, we will have a guest, veterinarian, who will answer your all questions. All to help you breed your Dalmatian in the best possible way. Our mission is to help you discover how Dalmatians are amazing dogs so you can enjoy in every moment you spend with them. Considering that Gary Davis, a person who founded this website has been owning Dalmatians for 30 years, he will provide you a lot of advice and useful recommendations.